The tailgate is the big rear door seen on cars. This along with the bonnet is one of the largest parts of a car. Offering large opening areas for storage tailgates always needs to be accessible. When involved in a rear-impact accident the tailgate can get damaged and usually needs to be fully replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your tailgates come complete?

No, we sell the tailgate as a shell only. The shell will not include any seals, rubbers, glass, locks, or any other accessories.

Do the tailgates come pre-painted?

No, all tailgate shells come unpainted. They will be in either a black or grey undercoat ready to be taken to a spray painter to be painted.

Can the tailgate shell be shipped out?

Yes, we can send tailgate shells all over the country. We take pride in the way we wrap the tailgate to ensure it is protected on its journey to our customers.

How long does it take to dispatch a tailgate order?

We aim to have all orders dispatched within 24 hours of the order being placed. If there is any longer delay, we will contact you.

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