Located at the front of the car, the headlights are the most important visual aid for drivers, especially at night. Headlights have developed a long way from what they were. Headlights now have multiple features and functions whether they are halogen, xenon, or LED. All headlights sold do not include any bulbs or modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your headlights brand new or 2nd hand?

All headlights sold at Carparts2u are brand new. Brand-new headlights come clean and clear.

Do your LED or Xenon headlights come with bulbs or modules?

No, all headlights are brand new genuine or brand-new aftermarket and will not include any bulbs, harnesses, modules or accessories unless otherwise stated 

Do you offer a warranty on headlights?

Yes, there is a 6-month part-only warranty. This covers the headlight itself and any seals that fail and cause water to enter the headlight. This will not cover any accessories such as bulbs, bulb holders or modules.

Do you offer fitting headlights?

No, Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to offer fitting or installation. All headlights can be installed by your local mechanic or auto electrician

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