The front bumper is the main section at the front of the car. Holding together all various parts of the car such as the grille, headlights, and fog lights. Acting as the first part of impact in a front-end accident, front bumpers are one of the most common parts on a car to be changed. All brand-new front bumpers will come as the bar cover itself with no accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Front bumpers brand new or 2nd hand?

All our front bumpers come brand new, ready to be taken to a spray painter to be fitted.

Do your bumpers include grilles or brackets?

No, all our front bumpers are just the bar cover. This will not include any grilles or brackets.

Can you paint the front bumper a specific colour?

Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to offer painting or fitting services. Our customers usually buy from us and have a spray painter apply paint and fit the bumper.

Can you freight the front bumper?

Yes, we have custom-made boxes that allow us to ship front bumpers across the country.

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