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In 1914 Dodge created the four-cylinder Dodge Model 30, a slightly more upscale competitor to the ubiquitous Ford Model T, it pioneered or made standard many features later taken for granted: all-steel body construction, 12-volt electrical system, 35 horsepower (versus the Model T's 20), and sliding-gear transmission.

Car Parts 2U stock a large range of spare car parts to suit the Dodge CALIBRE & NITRO. All our spare parts are brand new, ready to order through our secure online store and ship to you.

Choose from auto parts such as guard panels, radiators and more…

Genuine Dodge parts for sale can help you keep your car, SUV, van or truck on the road longer. Car Parts 2 U has all the new Dodge spare parts in Australia you need to suit your vehicle and maintain it for years to come.

Aftermarket Dodge Parts for Sale

Whether you replace car parts all the time or you're hoping to find a reliable solution for a common car problem, new components are your best bet. Dodge aftermarket parts produced by reputable manufacturers and made from strong, sustainable materials deliver the results you need. Choosing new parts overused ones can prolong the lifespan of your car and improve its efficiency for wherever your journeys will take you.

Quality Dodge Spare Parts in Australia

Protecting your car starts with tough guard panels made from the strongest plastics. Guard panels cover the wheel wells to stop rocks, sticks and other road debris from wreaking havoc on your vehicle. Look for guard panels with flare holes to suit your Dodge Nitro and fit in seamlessly with the body of your vehicle. You can have these guard panels painted to match the colour of your car and elevate your driving style to the next level.

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You can save big money and time by investing in dependable, well-made Dodge aftermarket parts. Keep your Dodge in safe driving condition with high-quality parts built to last and delivered directly to your door. Once you find the right auto parts that fit your vehicle, place your order and enjoy the easiest aftermarket auto parts experience around. You can get a lot more driving out of your trusted Dodge with top-of-the-line replacement parts, ready to go when you need them most.

Shop Car Parts 2 U today to find all the aftermarket parts to suit Dodge and take advantage of quality checking and competitive prices on products available now.

New Zealand shoppers, you can view car parts to suit Dodge models on our NZ site.

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