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Daihatsu was formed in 1951 as a successor to Hatsudoki Seizo Co. Ltd, founded in 1907, as part of Hatsudoki's major restructure. Hatsudoki's formation was largely influenced by the Engineering Department's faculty of Osaka University, to develop a gasoline-powered engine for small, stationary power plants. Daihatsu's first export came in 1953, and by 1980 half a million Daihatsu vehicles had been exported.

Car Parts 2U stock a large range of spare car parts to suit the Daihatsu CHARADE, DELTA, ROCKY, SIRION & TERIOS. All our spare parts are brand new, ready to order through our secure online store and ship to you.

Choose from auto parts such as door handles, guard panels, radiators, engine mounts, control arms and more…

New Daihatsu parts are a must for any dedicated Daihatsu driver. The Japanese automaker has quality vehicles like the Charade, Delta, Rocky, Sirion and Terios, and Car Parts 2 U in Australia has you covered no matter what car parts you need. Whether you buy and sell car parts all the time or it's your first time sourcing auto parts to suit Daihatsu vehicles, Car Parts 2 U has what you want at competitive prices.

Premium Daihatsu Parts

You need car parts that are made to last so that you can stay on the road longer, and that's exactly what you'll find with new Daihatsu aftermarket parts for auto engines, interiors and exteriors. Say goodbye to car troubles and hello to smooth, safe driving with top Daihatsu parts in Australia from a reputable supplier like Car Parts 2 U.

Reliable Daihatsu Parts in Australia

The demand for Daihatsu parts in Australia includes radiators, door handles and other auto fittings. The right replacement auto parts keep your car running properly and protect against future damage. For the best results when choosing replacement Daihatsu parts, look for new components that fit in seamlessly with your vehicle model. Everyday driving and parking are a lot simpler and safer with strong auto parts to suit Daihatsu.

Shop Affordable Daihatsu Aftermarket Parts at Car Parts 2 U

Buying new car parts is a smart move compared to replacing your entire car. Simply choose the parts you need and keep driving the car you know and love. Just make sure you do your shopping with an auto parts retailer who checks every part before delivery, to ensure you can trust the integrity of your new parts. Shop Car Parts 2 U today to find all your quality Daihatsu parts at low prices.

New Zealand shoppers, you can view car parts to suit Daihatsu models on our NZ site.

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