On the side of the 4x4, usually running from the front doors to the rear doors, the sidesteps help passengers get into their higher-than-standard vehicle. Sidestep Kits are usually a great way to either replace old and brittle side steps or add a new feature to your 4x4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your 4x4 sidestep kits include the brackets for installation?

Yes, most of our sidestep kits will include brand-new brackets for installation.

Can you ship or freight 4x4 sidestep kits?

Yes, we offer freight on all our parts including sidestep kits. We can ship them anywhere around Australia.

Do you install 4x4 sidestep kits?

Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to offer fitting services.

Can we pick up a 4x4 sidestep kit order?

Yes, pick-up is an option for Sidestep kit orders. Pickup is only available for NSW customers only.

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