The power steering rack is an integral part of the overall drivability of a 4x4. If there is a problem with your power steering rack it can usually be felt through heavy steering or loud mechanical noises when trying to turn the wheel. Steering racks can vary between electronic and hydraulic. Electronic power steering racks are mostly found in newer modern cars and large off roading vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your 4x4 power steering racks brand new or refurbished?

All power steering racks sold at Carparts2u are brand new. We do not refurbish any parts, especially power steering racks.

Can you install my 4x4 power steering rack?

No, unfortunately, we cannot fit power steering racks. Being such an important part of the car, we highly recommend a qualified mechanic does the installation of power steering racks.

Do you offer a warranty on 4x4 power steering racks?

Yes, all power steering racks come with a 12-month part-only warranty.

Can you freight 4x4 power steering racks?

Yes, with access to so many delivery partners, we can ship your order anywhere in the country.

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