Located on the outside of the guard usually bolted or stuck onto the metal guard of the car. Guard flares give the car the appearance of being wider while giving a tough look to the styling of the car. Guard flares are easy to replace if damaged during an accident or off-roading. Guard flare kits usually include all the flares required for the 4x4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your 4x4 guard flare kits new or 2nd hand?

All our guard flare kits are brand new aftermarket or brand new genuine. You will find in most cases it is easier to purchase a brand-new guard flare kit rather than a 2nd hand one.

How much to paint a 4x4 guard flare kit?

Cost of paint depends on a couple of things: the Guard flare kits size and colour code the guard flare kits need to be painted. It’s best to speak to your local sprayer painter for specific pricing.

Can you ship or freight 4x4 guard flare kits?

Yes, we offer freight on all our parts including guard flare kits. We can ship them anywhere around Australia.

Can we install the 4x4 guard flare kits?

Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to offer fitting services.

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