Control arms are one of the most important parts of a car’s suspension. Usually broken down into upper and lower control arms, these parts assist in the overall driving quality of a vehicle. Most aftermarket control arms will come with the ball joint so they are ready to be swapped in. All control arms come with a 12-month part-only warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your control arms include the ball joint?

Most of our control arms are complete units and will include the ball joint. If you cannot see the ball joint on the listing send us a message and we will double-check.

Do control arms have a warranty?

Yes, all control arms are covered by our 12-month part-only warranty.

Do you fit control arms?

No, control arms are such an important part of a car’s suspension we recommend installation to be done by a qualified mechanic.

Can we pick up a control arm order?

Yes, Pick-up is an option for control-arm orders. Pickup is only available for NSW customers only.

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